Bard's Tale Remastered

Created as a pre-order bonus for inXile's Bard's Tale 4Bard's Tale Remastered is the first three Bard's Tale games updated to run on modern systems. I was contracted by Olde Sküül and worked with Rebecca Heineman to fix any bugs that emerged from the conversion of Apple II code into modern C++ code.




A second year DigiPen student project, Roguebot is a simple roguelike featuring randomly generated dungeons, semi-turnbased movement, and randomly generated loot and equipment. On this project, I created all of the code for the minimap, combat system and design, character controller, enemy controller systems, and some AI code. The game was constructed with a custom C++ engine with mruby scripting integrated on top for gameplay code. I wrote code in both C++ and Ruby for this project.


Various Board Games

As a game design student at DigiPen, I was required to make several board games throughout my attendance. Varying from a Soviet Union political simulator to a murder mystery, these board games are unique experiences, and I would be more than happy to showcase them.